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Requesting an apostille in France
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Legalization of signature

Certified copy and legalisation of signature at the town hall

You must go to your local town hall. The following documents must be presented: Document with the signature to be legalised Identity document with your signature on it The authentication of your signature must be done in your presence. You must sign at the counter in front of the official. You can also do this in front of the notary of your choice.


French chambers of commerce and industry

The competence of the CCI is exercised on private documents of a commercial nature issued in France, directly related to export: Certificate of origin, Export certificate, Power of attorney ...


Legalization service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Legalizations of French documents intended for foreign countries are carried out by the legalization office of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Courts of call

In France, it is the courts of appeal that issue the apostille.

An apostille is an official stamp from a Court of Appeal that attests to the authenticity of your documents. An apostille allows you to use your documents for international circulation


consular legalisation and certification

Consular legalisation is an attestation of the conformity of a document issued by the competent bodies with the legislation of the state. It is a confirmation of the authenticity of signatures of public officers and stamps of competent bodies for the use of a document in other countries.